Mount Takao – Great Hiking Just Outside of Tokyo!

Tokyo is one of the most wonderful places in the world. But after a few days of exploring the city you might be ready to find some open spaces and take a trip into the mountains. Just a short 45 minute train ride from Shinjuku Station is Mount Takao — a great day trip fromContinue reading “Mount Takao – Great Hiking Just Outside of Tokyo!”

I am a Bear – Learn Japanese With Song Lyrics!

Today we’re going to learn how to say “I am a bear” with the help of mega famous, multi platinum selling superstar, Hikaru Utada. Once you can say this, you can be anything! The phrase we will be studying is “boku wa kuma,” the title of song we will be listening to. But we’ll haveContinue reading “I am a Bear – Learn Japanese With Song Lyrics!”

Ryokan: The Traditional Japanese Inn

Any trip to Japan would be incomplete without at least a short stay at a ryokan — a traditional Japanese inn. Here you can get an experience that Japanese people have enjoyed for centuries. In fact, some of the more famous ryokans have been around for over a thousand years! So, what’s so great aboutContinue reading “Ryokan: The Traditional Japanese Inn”

Animal Adventures: Fuji Safari Park

Fuji Safari Park is my ichiban ikitai tokoro in all of nihon. That is its the place that I most want to visit in Japan. Partly this is because I was once thwarted in my attempt to visit as detailed here. In addition, because of said thwarting, I made sure to visit another safari parkContinue reading “Animal Adventures: Fuji Safari Park”

What Not to Do or How to Cram So Much into a Day That You End up Doing Nothing

During our first trip of Japan we spent three nights at an amazing ryokan (that is a traditional Japanese hotel) in the mountains of Hakone. This area of Japan has an incredible amount of things to do and I wish we had spent a lot more time there. We certainly needed it! Our first fullContinue reading “What Not to Do or How to Cram So Much into a Day That You End up Doing Nothing”

Owakudani – the Great Boiling Valley

Owakudani is an amazing and odd place. Up in the mountains with Mount Fuji out in the distance is this boiling volcanic valley. The incredible Hakone Ropeway will take you up the mountain and into this strange place. As you go over the top of the hill and enter the valley you will be transportedContinue reading “Owakudani – the Great Boiling Valley”

My Favorite Place in Nihon…Tottori!

There are so many wonderful places to find in Nihon. I’ve been to Nihon twice and visited close to a dozen prefectures (a prefecture is like a state) and my favorite has to be the neglected prefecture of Tottori If you want to get off the beaten path and challenge yourself a little, Tottori isContinue reading “My Favorite Place in Nihon…Tottori!”