Cat Cafe MOCHA in Shibuya, Tokyo

Experiencing a cat cafe should be one of the essential items on anyone’s Japan travel itinerary. To me, there is nothing better than enjoying a hot cup of tea while enjoying the company of a whole mess of more or less friendly cats.

The first cat cafe that I ever experienced was the amazing Cat Cafe MOCHA in Shibuya, Tokyo. This location is very conveniently located near the famous Shibuya Crossing.

For 600 yen (about six dollars) you can commune with the kittens while enjoying either a hot or cold beverage – a beverage of your choosing is included with the price.

Both the staff and the kittens were very friendly – I even found one friendly gal that snuggled up on a couch next to me (just to clarify…a cat, not staff). If you are a fan of long haired, fluffy cats, this is a great cat cafe to visit.

The set up of this cat cafe was very interesting as hanging from the ceiling were what looked to my eyes an awful lot like bird cages. It appeared that the cats really enjoyed jumping from platform to platform or just laying above the visitor’s heads! Then in the middle there was a large place for the cats to climb that looked like a large tree.

We went in the morning and found ourselves to be the only ones in the cafe. If you find yourself in Shibuya and are curious to see what all the hubub is about cat cafes, go ahead and visit Cat Cafe MOCHA!

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