Learn Japanese With Video Games – Lunar 2 – Hiero Intro Part 1

Learn Japanese with Lunar 2!

Lunar 2 is a JRPG made by the masters at Game Arts, one of my favorite studios. In this game you take control of the main character, Heiro who is an apprentice to an archaeologist and finds himself in a world-spanning adventure after finding a mysterious girl in ancient ruins.

In this clip we will learn some Japanese during the introduction of the main character and his sidekick, the lovable Ruby (just don’t call her a cat).

These are some of the words that we will be taking a look at:

やる – yaru – to do

もうちょっと- mou chotto – a bit longer

気を付ける – ki o tsukeru – to be careful

硬い – katai – hard/stiff

突く – tsuku – to hit

大丈夫 – daijoubu – alright

心配 – shinpai – worry

本当に- hontou ni – truly

しょうがない – shouganai – its no use

バラバラ – barabara – loose

始まる- hajimaru – to begin

頃 – koro – time

行く- iku – to go

Now let’s use this game to learn a little bit of Japanese. Ganbarimasu!

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