Nasu, Japan – The Ultimate Destination For Kids!

My next itinerary for Japan is going to be based mostly on what I think my son is going to enjoy (he’ll be about four years old when we go). The place that I most want to take him is the little talked about city of Nasu in Tochigi Prefecture.

Tochigi Prefecture is just north of Tokyo. It is best known for the city Nikko (yet another place I need to get to) which is famous for the amazing area around the tomb of Tokugawa Iyeyasu. Just a little bit northeast from here and in the countryside is Nasu – what looks to me to be a paradise of attractions for kids!

We are planning on staying at Hotel Epinard Nasu. From Tokyo they have a complementary shuttle bus that will take you to the hotel – definitely check this out if you are planning on going!

The hotel itself looks absolutely amazing, but what is even better is that the front of the hotel is one of the stops of the Nasu sightseeing bus. Just take a look at all of the attractions that you can easily get to!

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🗣💭  栃木県一家族一旅行キャンペーン🍓 栃木県在住の方へ県内で使える割引クーポンを 先日じゃらんnet、るるぶトラベルで 発行しておりました☺️  そして❣️いよいよ明日は••• 『楽天トラベル』でも🥰   こちらのクーポンは、お一人様最大5,000円引! また、クーポンは5月下旬時点で楽天会員登録住所が 「栃木県」の会員様へ自動配布されています✨ ※ご自身がクーポンを取得されているかは 「myクーポン」よりご確認をお願いいたします💦   クーポンの種類は、3,000円〜25,000円までの 全10種類です(^O^)⭐️ (宿泊人数や、合計金額によって お使い頂けるクーポンが異なります)   ぜひ、クーポンを取得されて オトクな那須のご旅行をお楽しみくださいませ😊   ▼予約対象期間 2020年6月30日10:00〜9月26日23:59 ※クーポンは先着順でなくなり次第終了です。  ▼宿泊対象期間 2020年6月30日チェックイン〜9月30日チェックアウト  ▼クーポン確認はこちら 🔍  ▼ご利用方法 こちらに詳細を記載しております。 ご予約前にご確認下さいませ。 🔍   #ホテルエピナール那須 #エピナール #那須 #栃木 #県民一家族一旅行 #楽天トラベル #那須旅行 #クーポン #バイキング #和食 #フレンチ #ワンちゃんと泊まれるホテル

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From the bus you can reach, among other destination, Nasu Safari Park, Nasu Stained Glass Museum, Nasu Trick Art Museum, Nasu Monkey World, Nasu Teddy Bear Museum, Nasu Safari Park, Nasu Animal Kingdom, The Cheese Garden…

It is enough to keep you and your kids busy for DAYS AND DAYS!

And maybe the best part is that this is an area where you will not find many foreign tourists. If you want to practice your Japanese and want your kids to practice their Japanese while visiting great family-friendly attractions that are easy to get to, Nasu is a great spot to visit!

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