Get Covered in Bunny Love and Visit the Poison Gas Museum on Rabbit Island!

Japan is a country full of places to have amazing animal adventures. One of the top animal attractions is Rabbit Island (Okunoshima) in Hiroshima Prefecture.

Here is a lush and green island paradise where hundreds of friendly rabbits roam free.

And when you get sick of playing with bunnies you can visit the Poison Gas Museum. Now…why is there a Poison Gas Museum on Bunny Island? Because this is one of the sites where the Japanese made chemical weapons during World War II.

(No, the bunnies do not glow in the dark.)

If you find yourself in Hiroshima, this is a great day-trip idea. From Hiroshima Station there is a direct bus that will get you to Tadanoumi Station in one hour. This is close to the 15 minute ferry ride that will get you to Bunny Island.

Before you go make sure to check out to get the latest ferry schedules because you do not want to be stuck on Rabbit Island (or maybe you do!).

If you don’t think you can get enough bunny action in a short day trip, there is also a hotel on Rabbit Island:

On Rabbit Island there are beautiful beaches to explore either on foot or by bicycles that can be rented. At the port you can purchase rabbit food to dole out. Then you can lay down and literally get buried in bunnies.

I hope you enjoyed this brief introduction to Rabbit Island!

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