Getting to Tottori

We have talked about some of the awesome things to do in Tottori here and met some of Tottori’s wonderful and whacky people. But how in tarnation do you get there?

When we went to Tottori, we were departing from Osaka. So, we took the Tokaido-Sanyo Shinkansen from Shin Osaka Station to Himeji station. This is a short 30 minute bullet train ride (from Tokyo it can take 3 – 4 hours to get to Himeji station via the bullet train).

Himeji is a wonder stop to get out, get a bite to eat, and do some sightseeing before heading off for Tottori. Some might say that this stop if absolutely essential because a short walk from Himeji station is Himeji Castle — the largest castle in Japan.

Himeji Castle

Stopping at Himeji is extremely doable and you can stop for either a short time to just take a look at the castle and scram or you can take a tour of the castle, view a nearby Japanese garden, visit the zoo, or be crazy like us take a bus to Himeji Central Park — an amusement park that includes a safari park and zoo. Just leave your bags in some of the large lockers at the station and then see whatever you want of the city.

The Capybara at Himeji Central Park

When you are ready to go to Tottori you will need to buy a ticket (if you use your suica or other card to get on the train you will make a nuisance of yourself like we did) for the Super Hakuto. This is about an hour and half train ride and costs approximately $45 per person.

This was one of my favorite train rides during our last trip. You will pass little towns, run alongside streams, and even pass through a good number of mountains that will make your ears pop!

The Tottori Sand Dunes

If you are staying in Tottori city, I can wholeheartedly recommend the Hoteru Ekimae — you will pay under $100 per night and it is a great, comfortable hotel that is right by the station and short walk to many stores and restaurants.

Keep in mind that Tottori ain’t Tokyo — fluent English speakers are few and far between, so knowing some basics before your travel is highly recommended.

Here is a phrase you might need at the train station:

[Destination] made kippu onegaishimasu.

(Pronounced *mah*day*key*poo*oh*nay*guy*she*mass)

A ticket to [destination], please.

So, if you need a ticket from Tottori Station to Himeji Station you would say, “Himeji eki made kippu onegaishimasu.”

Enjoy your time in Tottori!

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